Hey! I made it! I got the comic up on Tuesday so fuck you, freeloader! I was sick yesterday and so really didn’t want to put a comic together. I spent the evening drinking screwdrivers and eating fudgicles and watching kung-fu movies and going to bed early instead of working on work. Which is my standard regimen for a cold. You see, I decided to walk to the Chinese food restaurant on Sunday in flip-flops in the rain, because I’m invincible… or at least semi-invincible, because I did get a cold, but rebounded in, like 36 hours.

I have a confession to make. And I might’ve kept this to myself if it weren’t for all the leftover screwdrivers I’ve drunk tonight. But I’ve never seen a full episode of Cheers before today. I’ve been watching it on Netflix while working on Barflys tonight, and it is delightful. Why didn’t Shelley Long have a better career? She must be a bitch to work with or something. Considering I’m hip-deep into writing a comic about a bar… one that’s been compared to Cheers at least once… it’s pretty inexcusable that until now I literally have not seen an entire episode of Cheers.

Today’s comic is incredibly old. It was probably conceptualized around 2004 as a Children at Play comic. I have SO MANY comics that were written as Children at Play comics that’ve never seen the light of day. This one, luckily, really fit into Barflys well… God, it’s SO old it goes back to my college days. We thought about calling different beer companies customer service lines and having them compete against each other when we were buying beer at 21… I’m 30 now, so 9 years it is then. I have tons of concepts in my head and on paper that are just waiting for the right moment to be turned into a comic. I’m glad I finally got a chance to use some of them. It gives me a real sense of nostalgia… it makes me want to revisit Children at Play, which I’ve established, will always be my baby.