Sorry for the late post today. It’s been a tough week for no paticular reason. I plan to buckle down tomorrow and get some serious work done. Ryan will be in Maine, so I won’t have the distraction of a roommate. If I can just keep the TV off and the coffee flowing I should be able to make some progress on both writing and drawing.

It was probably my fault The Rejects didn’t go up on Tuesday. I didn’t get the flat colors to Wally for finalization until late so he didn’t have time to finish the page.

Anyway, excuses aside, I do have alot of projects up in the air that I need to nail down. The Rejects has 3 more pages to update and I need to write chapter two in case the opportunity to get it going presents itself in to future. Barflys still has a few updates to go through, I want it to go to at least 50 pages before I throw in the towel. It could go longer if it gets a strong enough response from the internets. I’m working with an artist on a new project for Zuda. She’s doing the first chapter of the first storyarc, and I’d like to have the second story arc mapped out before it’s ready. And theres a Zuda comic that I’m writing and drawing that’s more than half done but got pushed aside for the previous three comics that I really need to finish drawing. And I get the feeling from looking at my traffic that people are ready for chapter 3 of Modern Day Witchdoctor to get underway, so I’m going to have to wrack my brain over a couple of the plot issues I’m having and clean up some of the character arcs to bring them in line with the rest of the story.

More often than not I find I use these blogs to organize my immediate comic goals, I hope it’s not too boring for you guys. But I think I know how I’m splitting up my Sunday now.