You know I’ve forgotten to mention it until now, but this Saturday is the 9th anniversary of C@PComics! I’m sort of downplaying this year. Last year I had tons of extra updates including comics that hadn’t updated in a while, like Children at Play and Barflys at the time, and even tossed up a teaser for Out of This World 2. The overall stress of getting that material together then interrupted updates for a couple months while I attended to more pressing matters (like playing Dragon Age, or something, I don’t remember.)

This year there will be just the regular Saturday update of SP Earthguard. Instead I’m already looking forward to next year. Next year will mark 10 years since I started doing webcomics, and I hope to have a big event of some kind to celebrate it, with lots of updates, maybe retrospectives from some of the people I’ve worked with, merchandise, guest art, the works, and I’m starting now, so by the time it comes around next year, I won’t have to stretch myself thin to have it ready for you guys.

In the meantime, if you’d like to help you can turn a friend onto some of the comics, vote for them on TWC, or shoot me an email at I always love hearing from you guys!