Hey! New Barflys :) I’d be lying if I said what I drew wasn’t influenced on what my friends wanted me to draw. I’ve been drawing Modern Day Witchdoctor for the last year, and although it’s one of my most popular comics, none of my friends read it. Instead, all of my friends ask me to draw more Barflys. Because it’s four panels and gag-a-day it’s easily digestible and they don’t have to follow a story. I’m friends with lazys.

Bad news today folks. Word’s come in from Wally that he will not be drawing The Rejects. He’s decided (and I can’t blame him) that he wants to focus on writing his own stories. I would say “I’ll let you know when there are any new developments” but as things stand, Rejects is dead without him. With the focus I’m placing on collaborating on Earthguard, and inking Out of This World, and trying to get things ready so I can start going to conventions it will be at least a couple years before I can revisit the story at all. Despite how happy I am with the first draft of the script, it would take something unexpected to bring it to fruition now.

On the plus side, this may have snapped me out of this lazy stupor I’ve been in for the last few months. There is ALOT to get done before I can start going to conventions, I don’t want to be sitting a table with one 15 page book and some sad promotional junk. I have NINE different comics! I want at least half that many books. I have nearly 800 pages online. I should have at least 200 pages in print! And I should have some things available for purchase that just aren’t available for free online. This means I have a crazy amount of work ahead of me, and I think I’m going to kick start this new motivation I have by getting a comic done every day this week (not updated, lol, don’t be crazy, just done.)