Happy holidays everyone! St. Patty’s is for reals one of my favorite holidays. Firstly, you get to wear green, and I love green. Secondly my birthday totally just happened. And thirdly, unlike other “drinking” holidays like Fourth of July or New Years, there’s never pressure to find or have a house party, followed by disappointment when you can’t and/or it’s lame. On Saint Patty’s day, everyone is drinking buddies. Stay in and drink with friends, go out and drink with strangers, get wasted, just have a pint to be sociable, it doesn’t matter. Just have a good time and relax.

Surprisingly it looks like there will be another Barflys up tomorrow! That’s right, it’s feast or famine around here! I wasn’t planning on doing one, but DJ Coffman just started up a project called “Comics for Japan” and in the wake of the tragedy over there I thought I would pitch in a little something, even if it didn’t amount to much.