At this point I’ve finished re-building Children at Play, The Rejects, Modern Day Witchdoctor, and Barflys. Out of This World is next in queue, but I’m going to take a break and focus on comicking a little instead of coding.  I’m planning on rocking a Modern Day Witchdoctor comic out tomorrow in case any of you are disappointed I skipped it today. Also I hope to get another Barflys comic up for Saint Patrick’s Day, making it a week that’s pretty flush with updates.

I did some googling while doing this comic and have run in to several questions, such as: Why isn’t there a Ben Franklin Hate Society? Nothing entertains me quite as  much as hating on Ben Franklin… I’m not even sure why. Secondly, George Washington Carver deserves his own Blaxploitation movie. That’s not so much a question as a desperate plea. Time Magazine dubbed him Black Leonardo when he was alive (after Da Vinci), so you already have your title. Also look at this totally badass picture I of him I found and then drew on!

“Who’s that cat that won’t cop out, when there’s peanuts all about”

“(George Washington Carver)”

“You’re damn right.”