Happy Fat Tuesday everyone, especially everyone giving up something for Lent like I am, good luck! Amongst other sacrifices, I have to draw every day, so hopefully that’ll lead to a surge in updates. The last Barflys is a remake to this Andy Capp comic. I’m pretty exhausted today, was up late last night drinking and playing games. It was supposed to snow like crazy overnight and then I was supposed to call out of work and sleep till noon, but the sky was blue and there wasn’t a flake on the ground. Looks like it’s starting to snow now though… thanks meteorologists… just in time.

Modern Day Witchdoctor will be updating again starting this weekend. There will be a profile picture going up Thursday for one of the Barflys. I need to do some web work on my portfolio page, hopefully I’ll get that underway soon, and Claptrap Films was rejected by Zuda, so once I have a little bit more of the script worked out I’ll start updating that as well.