With Claptrap Films submitted to Zuda for approval and SP Earthguard recently finished, I’m taking this week off from doing comic work to catch up on my videogaming. It’s that time of year when the glut of the good games comes out. I’m currently trying to play Tekken 6 to my saturation level, so I can move on to beat Ghostbusters, so I can run out and get Dragon Age Origins. And don’t even get me started on Uncharted 2.  Thats one of those games I know I need to buy, but I’m hoping I can put it off till next summer when there’s nothing to play.

There is a Capcomics store underway, where both these shirts will be available. AND MORE! But I still need to flesh it out. We’re overdo for having a couple peices of apparel… and a book, but I have too many ongoing projects to put that together right now. Maybe I’ll be able to free some time up to dedicate to it in a couple months