This is actually the first Barflys comic I put together. It reminds me of more recent Andy Capp comics more than any other Barflys comics, mostly because it’s not very funny and yet it’s telling of the character’s rampant alcoholism . I had to wait until the season was right to post it. I’ve had a couple bouts of winter itch myself already this fall. All advice I’ve found is bullshit. Drinking more water doesn’t help. Cold showers don’t help. Turning the artificial heat down doesn’t help. Using a moisturizing soap doesn’t help. I’m just going to have to get used to being itchy 5 months out of the year for the rest of my life. Weirdly I never used to get it, it just set in in the last four years or so.

Anyway, I missed my update on Halloween. I have a whole Halloween comic planned to. So, what’s happening is this: I’m going to try to have Halloween’s update up on Thursday. Then I’ll have regular updates on Saturday and Tuesday and move Halloween’s comic in the archives to the appropriate day. Then next Thursday I’ll post an extra peice of art in the portfolio as apology for the missed comic. Then we’re square, yah?