I almost titled this comic “Selene Gomez’s Vagina” for the inevitable pervert overflow. Instead I just mentioned it in the blog. 😛 Last week I saw a Yahoo headline that said “Why Selena Gomez’s movie underperformed” and I thought “Because Yahoo drastically overestimates how much of a shit anyone actually gives about the girl.”

Tangent aside, this comic is, like, a week too late to be topical, and yet, this Miley Cyrus crap is going to get worse before it gets any better. There is, apparently, a fine line between acceptable television smut (i.e. Madonna kissing Briney Spears) and unacceptable television smut (i.e. Janet Jackson in pasties) Miley managed to smash that shit to peices and give everyone nightmares at the same time.

Also, how about my rampant overuse of commas?

Oh! Also also! There’s definitely going to be a comic Saturday. It’s freaking already done.

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