I spent a chunk of time trying to decide whether or not I should to a comic about the Boston bombings today. I was in Boston two days before it happened to go to that Beer Summit, and a friend of mine finished the race before the bombs went off. Eventually, I decided not to do one. It wasn’t something offensive regardless. It basically addressed how we internalize these large events by finding ways to relate to them, even when they didn’t actually effect us. Sort of like how I just did a couple sentences ago. I’m still doing it, and it’ll be available in another format somewhere down the line, I just don’t think there’s much to be gained from doing it today.

Anyway, thanks for reading, everyone. Today would be a good day to spend that click you usually use to vote, to instead go over to the Salvation Army and donate some money. I can’t think of anything more poetically tragic than healthy people who just love to run, getting their legs blown off after completing a long race. I want every one of these people running it next year with their robot legs. I’m sure I don’t have a following wealthy enough to make that possible, but every little bit helps.