This one is one of those comics based on real life events. Those kids played a metal version of the Meow Mix jingle which is *exactly* what a 13 year old me would’ve done if I ever had the capacity to rock.

March’s beer of the month went up shortly before the month ended. April’s beer of the month, I am confident, will be up mid-month. Not this “last day of the month” bullshit I pulled in March. Lent is over, which means I can drink coffee again which mean life, once again, is worth living.

Also if you haven’t read my comic SP Earthguard yet, totally do that thing! It’s not bitter, bleak or adult-oriented as Barflys. In fact, it’s fun sci-fi action for kids. It’s pretty much the *exact* opposite of Barflys, but I love writing it, I love the art that Wati puts out and I’m super excited to have it updating again, starting the 25th!

Thanks for reading everyone and putting up with my tardiness. Please vote for me on TWC but more importantly, make your friends read Barflys, that’s the only way my comics will ever grow. Because, and I promise you this, I suck at advertising.