I’m glad to finally have a laptop again. It means I can do comics wherever I want. Girlfriend’s house. Coffee Shop. At work during lunch. A *gasp* bar! Something like this is usually followed, for me, by a little burst of productivity, so hopefully we’ll move away from missed updates for six months and move into “getting way too much done” territory. This year will hopefully see a Barflys print collection, Chapter 2 of Sp Earthguard, regular updates on Claptrap Films and Chapter 2 of Out of this World. I have a lot of material just sitting on my computer waiting to be updated at the right time. So stay tuned for some big things this year.

Oh! The Beer Summit was great, by the way. So much great beer to drink. I went in with high hopes of writing down all the ones I liked but that fizzled out after my second sample. I did confirm with the Clown Shoes vendor that their yummy American Black Ale Lubrication is gone forever. (No doubt partly in thanks to their terrible “is that a robot penis?” label) Which means I, quite likely, have the last bottles in existence. I celebrated by drinking some. I’ll have to find something to replace it with in my collection. It is, officially, my beer of the month for January, which is totally a thing I’m doing now.

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