Hey! I bet you thought there wouldn’t be a comic today! Psych! Also, new character?! I like doing storylines in Barflys because it allows me to have the boys react to different characters and situations without changing the the tone or scenario of the comic. Like when the Red Fly started dating Darcy for a little while. It helps alleviate the doldrums of a static comic. Unfortunately, while it’s more interesting to write, it also means I have an extremely large amount of art to draw, and that takes time, and time is something I have found less and less of lately. I’m struggling to get an hour of comic work in per day presently, and that, I’m afraid, is not enough to get the comics done that I like.

On the plus side, Saturday’s comic is ready, and will be up on schedule. I’m getting to work on next Tuesday’s comic right now. Hopefully I’ll get it done on time!

Thanks for reading :)