I like that the first time I disappeared, a lot of you guys were like “Um, are you dead, or..?” This time you’re just like. “Ugh, *this* asshole.”  So where have I been for the last month? Well, the first issue I had was a pretty bad case of writer’s block. I’ve been trying to write a comic every day, but most of them have been too poor of a quality for me to sit down and spend a couple hours putting together. Otherwise they’ve been regular sized comics and I’ve been wracking my brain for a Sunday sized strip. Throw into the mix the fact that I gave up coffee and alcohol for 40 days and suddenly my reserves of creativity and energy have both run dry.

In the mean time I’ve been doing fun things like taking a vacation in Michigan to tour the Founder’s brewery, tracking down draft KBS and shooting pretend zombies in the face with Nerf guns which servers as a distraction from writing and drawing but leads to a pretty fulfilling life.

On the upside I hope hope hope hope to be back to doing 2 comics a week come next week.  With a storyline even! Thanks for keeping tabs on me :)