Ok, I still can’t hear, but other than that I’m feeling much better. I haven’t had a beer in two or three weeks while I’ve been waiting for my immune system to kick this things ass, so I’m super looking forward to the Boston Beer Summit next weekend.

The websites for Earthguard, Modern Day Witchdoctor, Out of this World, The Rejects, and Children at Play are all functional, although none of them are quite as customized as they once were. If you’ve never read any of my other work, the opportunity to has returned.

Barflys has officially surpassed Children at Play in number of comics (including Beer of the Month comics.) This means I’ve done more Barflys comics than anything else. Never thought I’d see the day 😛

Finally, one of the super fun things I did during my three month hiatus was that I went out and brewed my own beer. There’s a place that has all the equipment near my house and you can brew by recipe. I’ve wanted to do it for a while, and I have a five gallon home kit, but I wanted to do it with supervision the first time out so I didn’t blow up my kitchen or follow the directions wrong and accidentally make meth or something.

So, my first homebrew is Blackout Stout. It’s strong and sweet any yummy, and true to it’s name, after one bomber I’m about ready for bed. Check out the Gladfly label :)