Back with a whimper. I was planning on this whole extensive blogsplaination about the things that happened and the things I’ve been doing to accompany the first comic back, but awesomely I’ve been sick since the 27th and am struggling to get this much done. The comic template that Barflys, and indeed all of the capcomics changed out from under me sometime last month and I’ve been struggling to get the website running at base levels again. The only things I think that aren’t working is the archive button and the wierd cut-off title, which I’m still going to fix.

All of my other websites are still down, so I have alot of page building to do. I am not good at it and I hate doing it. But I’ll make progress on it slowly.

Barflys will be updating once a week on Saturdays until I can get everything normalized. I’m hoping I can get back on schedule in a couple months, but that’s assuming I’m not still sick somehow. :(