So, I have a tendency… call it a predilection, to writing self-referential humor. My first comic Children at Play is a perfect example of this. Each comic builds a little of all the comics before it. If you you read the most recent comic, it’s hard to follow and it doesn’t really land. But if you’ve read it from the beginning everything makes complete sense. Unfortunately the art at the beginning is shitty and drives new readers off. Thus I’m left with a comic that’s hard to read jumping in, and hard to read at the beginning… but if you’ve read it all the way through, it’s still probably my best comic. Fizzled-out non-ending not withstanding.

One of my intentions with Barflys was to make a true gag-a-day comic. Where readers could jump in at any strip and know what’s going on before it.  But I have to constantly fight this urge to drop little references to previous comics. Not today though. This flashback spectacular is pretty much ALL references to previous comics. Enjoy.

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