I’m ashamed. I’m ashamed because I missed Saturday’s update because I got completely sucked into a videogame, which is not an excuse. It’s an excuse for people who suck, and now I’m one of them. The worst part is that the comic was done and on my hard drive. I was just so engrossed with Terreria that I couldn’t take five minutes to upload it to the internet. What’s worse is that I haven’t learned my lesson. I’m still completely engrossed with it.

My friends all played it back when it came out, but I avoided it because I knew that it was exactly the kind of game that would completely suck me in. Then, on Thursday evening I was a little bored and wanted a break from things so I figured I’d download it and then play it when I had some down time. Between then and now I’ve spent more time playing it than I have asleep.

Ugh. So disappointed with myself.