Sorry I’m almost 48 hours late on getting this comic up. Whats worst is that I have no real excuse for it. I’m had the apartment to myself this weekend, so it was my plan to get a lot of work done. Of course I had to beat Overlord II first so I could return it, and then had to advance through another venue on Beatles Rockband, oh and the venue championship of my poker league was this weekend (I didn’t win)… But I haven’t been totally slacking, I’ve got the first major revision of Modern Day Witchdoctor done, one more revision to go before I can start drawing it. I’ve started writing the second chapter of My Li’l Zombies! I’m about half done with the rough draft of that; I should finish it Monday. I have fourteen new Barflys comics all planned out, and I’ve been finishing up the sixth page of one of my upcoming Zuda entries all day. I’ve been staying an hour or so late at work to do some writing and it’s really been working out for me. It’s way easier to focus than it is at home.

Tuesday’s Barflys is already cued up, so it won’t be late. I don’t forsee anymore delays.