As promised. My State of the Comic Address

Barflys: My plans are to continue to update Barflys twice a week up through the end of the year. There will be a break when SP Earthguard starts updating when it’ll revert to once a week. I also have plans for a printed Barflys book. I was originally hoping to have all my material completed by May, but now it’s looking like it may be a couple months after that. The possiblity of a Kickstarter program exists, but I’m still worried about donation gifts and how much time I’ll have available to dedicate to it.

Children at Play: I still have notebooks full of comedy ore that needs to be smelted into steel and not enough time to do it. Chuck and Ryan and I have tentatively spoken about the possiblity of rebooting the story with a hired artist and a more concrete story outline, but that’s dependent mostly on their motivation (which comes and goes.)

Claptrap Films: This keeps getting pushed back for other projects, and I feel bad because I’ve already sunk a fair amount of time into it and have (I think) twelve pages on my hard drive just ready to go. Once I’ve freed up my drawing/inking schedule from Out of This World this will become a prime project (assuming I can still bang out a script I’m happy with.)

Comic Remix Project: Every once in a while I think “These were fun! I should run one of them again” and then I notice the staggering expanse of unfinished work just out of my peripheral vision, and move on.

Daily Sketchs: I plan to keep doing these until I hit 100 characters. Then I’ll put them together on one page like a meme and maybe ink a couple of my favorites. I’m ahead of schedule right now and still open to requests.

I Don’t Want to be the Fat Kid: Even though I’m still interested and trying to lose weight, I simply do not have the time or the sanity for Fat Kid. If I can’t update it daily than it’s missing the point, which is to be a weight loss journal/comic… and I simply can not update it daily right now.

Kung-Fu Revu: My kung-fu review blog is currently like four months ahead of it’s bi-weekly schedule. I’m trying to dial back my movie watching for now to even things out, but there’s always so many new movies I want to see and like a billion old ones I need to get to.

Modern Day Witchdoctor: I still have a few rough pages of Chapter 4 written and nothing more. I would like to start updating this again either near the tail end of this year, or the beginning of the next on a once-a-week basis which means I’ll need to get the writing done and set out to work on it in the next few months.

My Li’l Zombies: No progress has been made on this since last year. The rough draft of chapter two sits un-touched since I wrote it. I still love this concept so this is another project I’ve been toying with the idea of shopping out to a freelance artist, but it’s not a high priority.

Out of this World: Pencils are all done on Chapter 2 and about 12 pages are fully inked. Leaving me with (I think) twenty to go. I’d like to print this into a book, and for sizing reasons I might start work on Chapter 3 right away. I already have the story concept down, it’s just a matter of listening to enough funk music and watching enough sci-fi to get it out of my head and onto a page of paper.

SP Earthguard: The rough pages for Chapter 2 are finished and I’ve done  the lettering for some of them already. As soon as Wati’s done the inks it’ll be going online, hopefully we’re just a couple months away. Chapter 3-6 scripts are finished but Wati will probably have some down time between chapters. You guys will have more information when I have it.

The Rejects: This one is in a stalemate right now. Wally is busy working on his own stories. He’d rather be a writer/artist instead of just an artist and I’d be some kind of crazy myopic hypocrite to blame him for it. I could try to hire a different artist, but I don’t want a different artist. I like working with Wally and his art just gets better and better. I’ve finished full rough drafts on chapters 1-9 and know my villains and story arcs for 10-18 and 19-27. But, this one won’t be going anywhere for the foreseeable future. I have other projects and scripts that I’m working on that I’ll need to hire an artist for, so why would I spend money on this one only to get someone who isn’t the right person.

Speaking of other projects: I’m trying to steer clear of starting new projects to half-finish until I’ve finished some of the half-finished projects I’ve already half-finished. However there are a few other things out there that are diverting my attention a little. I’m just trying to make sure they stay diversions for now instead of new responsiblities.

Thanks for reading everyone! Hoping to make 2012 the best year yet!