It’s been sort of an interesting couple of weeks for me. My laziness from the end of 2011 is just now starting to abate… hopefully… but that’s only partially the reason for the missed updates. Our internet has been out since last Tuesday and I just was not prepared for it.

Living without internet or cable television is a bit strange, especially at first, I found myself wandering around my apartment directionless… but as time goes on, I don’t mind it so much. I have internet at work so I can catch up on things during my break and update my different projects, and there’s one less distraction when I go home. I’ve caught up on some reading, some music and some playstation games that  have been waiting for attention.

Next week I’ll post my long yearly blog that outlines the status of all my different projects for everyone, but it looks like I’ll be lifting myself out of this slump now and getting back to work.

On a Barflys related note, Brad here has officially become a reoccurring character! How about that! I’m trying to steer away from introducing new characters but instead just sticking with the main cast, but I’d decided pretty early on that I wanted a “slick beer rep” character to show up from time to time, and Brad is it!