When I decided to start doing Barflys I was more than a little influenced by Andy Capp. Now let me clarify, I was not influenced by any of the Andy Capp comics that were in the newspaper during the last 30ish years. Rather, I was influenced by the Andy Capp comics that appeared in the newspaper back in the late 1950’s by Reg Smythe. (In that last one I like to think Andy murdered Flo.) Andy Capp is a miserable good-for-nothing bastard who seems to be intent on making everyone in the world miserable around him. His only form of income is gambling (with his unemployment money of course.) He spends his days at the bar, or the races and then comes home and beats his wife who’s been cleaning the house all day. Needless to say, it’s absolutely hilarious in that “I can’t believe how offensive this shit was allowed to be” way.

I plan for every 10th comic to be a single panel comic based on an old Andy Capp strip.